Grass Free Lawns

IMG_3309It may seem like a contradiction in words, but there are native Illinois short grasses that need mowing only a couple of times a season and need very little watering once established. Grass free lawns do not need chemical fertilizers, saving you money, and saving the soil and groundwater from chemical contamination. There are groundcovers, that flower that can take the place of grass.  And of course, we can turn what is lawn now, into a garden that is interesting all year round.

Trees prefer less sod and more garden. Lawn grass competes with the roots of trees for available water and space. Planting them together causes stress for both. More frequent watering (more cost to you) is necessary and it's possible that neither will grow well.
On the other hand, plants and shrub roots often grow below the shallow roots of trees and neither compete with the other. Others are shallow rooted enough that they are not challenged by tree roots. You will also bring smiles and joy to the neighborhood.


"How intermingled are people and plants in the life of a gardener, or so I find it.  I could not if I tried place one or the other first in my world."

George Schenk, author of 'Gardening With Friends'

Native Illinois Plants