What We Do

  • Design and installation of small and large gardens & landscapes.
  • Water-saving irrigation systems.
  • Hardscapes, including patios, paths, decks, stone walls, retaining walls, ponds.
  • Design and oversight of a project you install yourself.
  • Upkeep for landscapes we install.
  • Consultation – this makes a great gift too.



Back Saver Planters: Planters designed to come waist high of the primary gardener. No more stooping or bending. Continue to enjoy gardening.

Butterfly Gardens
: Designed with plants loved by butterflies.

Commercial Land Planning: This is a budding and growing field with so many questions and many possibilities that will all help to save the planet.

Community Gardens: Relax & Enjoy gardens, vegetable gardens, playgrounds

Grass Free Lawns
: That may seem like a contradiction in words, but groundcovers of all kinds can take the place of grass. There are also native Illinois short grasses that need mowing only a couple of times a season and need very little watering once established. Trees prefer less sod and more garden. So does your pocket-book.

Parkways: That piece of ground outside your house, next to the street, can expand your garden space, become a bird habitat, and provide that tree in the middle with a happier, healthier environment.

Rain Gardens: Gardens especially designed for rainwater management.

Rooftop Gardens: Intriguing use of space! Some rooftop gardens are designed to provide more garden space, while others are built to cut down on indoor heat and save fuel costs.

School Yard Gardens: A laboratory for environmental education; a child's wonderland. The possibilities are endless.

Vegetable/Herb Gardens: Grow some of the food you eat. We'll tailor the design for your space.

Wheelchair Accessible Planters
: There is no reason to be kept from being a gardener. There are a number of different garden designs to accommodate wheelchairs. We will help you decide which is the best design for you.

Ask - we'll help you realize your dream.



"For the first time in the history of the world every human being is now subjected to dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death."

Rachel Carson, author of 'A Silent Spring'

Native Illinois Plants